How to get involved at Northwestern?

Tues. @ 7PM in Swift 107

Want to learn more about how faith and sport connect? Bond with other athletes? Our large group meeting is for just that. You never know what’s going to happen: live music, stories, games, contests, and food. And there’s always a talk about spiritual truth. Before and after, come and mingle for awhile with the crowd.


Want to dig a little deeper with your teammates? Ask the big questions? Text (319) 415-0727 to get more info​

Each spring we recognize our graduating seniors and they speak at our weekly meeting about what God has taught them throughout their years at Northwestern. This year our seniors spoke on the importance of Christian community, walking with God in the midst of trials, growing in the word of God, and the need to share our faith with those we would never expect to be open to the gospel. THANK YOU, Class of 2018!